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My work examines the perception of women in contemporary society as informed by their portrayal in history and myth. my figurative sculpture, installation and painting embraces ornate found object assemblage as I work to merge the past with the present. Based on the female figure, my method is rooted in the mastery of combining many techniques, including welding and soldering of metals, clay sculpting and wood carving. I find that the layering of different mediums strengthens my concept.

My most recent work in a solo show called Voyeur, investigates the objectification of women--how far we've come and how far we have to go. One wall installation consisted of five small brass boxes with die-cut windows. Each box was lit from within so that the viewer could observe different erotic scenes through the windows.

Earlier figurative sculptural work exploring female sexuality and empowerment was informed by Renaissance art, Surrealism, and mythology. the world was influenced by traditional Russian icons, as show in my series of painted and fabricated symbols of imagined female deities.

My standing life size sculpture inhabit an allegorical tale. My paintings with fabricated embellished frames complete this image. My goal is to illustrate how society's contemporary view of women has evolved and yet has not full evolved, from the historical myth. Whether evocative of nature, steeped in legend and myth, or cloaked in other cultural references, the subjects of my work are often simultaneously beautiful and fractured, vulnerable yet powerful.

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