My sculptural works and painting focus on the perception of women in contemporary society, as well as their historical and mythological portrayal. Based on the female figure, my practice is rooted in the mastery of various techniques, including welding, assemblage, and wood carving, with a strong emphasis on conceptual content. 


My most recent work investigates the objectification of women—how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go. Earlier sculptural works, informed by Renaissance art, Surrealism, and mythology, explore female sexuality and empowerment. Inspired by traditional Russian icons, my series of painted icons imagines female deities.


I am interested in asserting women’s equality, as well as the study of woman as a metaphorical image. Whether evocative of nature, steeped in religion, or cloaked in other cultural references, the subjects of my work are often simultaneously beautiful and fractured, vulnerable yet powerful.